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92.75 / 100



Teachers comment on my Presentation

29 / 30 A Overall Feedback Hi Cathryn!

Thank you for your submission.

Congratulations on your completion of the course! .I hope that all the feedback that I provided throughout the course was helpful to you.

It was wonderful to hear your voice in the PowerPoint presentation.

You began your PowerPoint by providing an overview of what you will be covering throughout the presentation. You began by explaining and analyzing the current state of your organization, the Oregon Medical Group. You provided an overview of the organization's leadership and an overview of the current state of the organization.

You reviewed opportunities for positive change and outlined an assessment that identified the need to increase efforts to improve organizational behavior development.

This included the following:

•Expand current clinics to surrounding neighboring Rural communities •Enlist employees to help with finding quality staff for Oregon Medical Group. Hiring incentives to employees You were not specific in your explanation of which tools of organizational behavior you would use to enact change.

However, you explained that growth at the medical center would continue through the following:

•Constantly providing opportunities •Promoting self worth •Finding solutions to problems •Placing emphasis on going beyond what is expected •Raising level of care provided for patients. You stated that the following would be benefits of the directions that you recommended:

•Promotes continued advancement to all its employees •Educational Reimbursement •Educational Seminars and Classes free to staff. Your presentation was 12 slides that were recommended. You included voice narration as required for each slide.You also included a title and reference pages

Your References slide include more than the minimum of five scholarly resources. You included 8 resources.

Your presentation demonstrated thoughtful consideration of the ideas and a good grasp of the concepts presented in this course.

It was wonderful reading your papers and interacting with you throughout the term. If you would like to stay connected I am on Linkedin. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you.



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