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Cathryn selected as Mentor for Envision Lead Grow

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Welcome to Envision Lead Grow!

Congratulations! You have been accepted as an Envision Lead Grow mentor for the 2020-2021 program year!

First and foremost, we are so grateful that you have decided to make a commitment to bettering the lives of young girls in your community. Here at Envision Lead Grow, we are on a mission to break the cycle of poverty by increasing the rate of entrepreneurship for girls in underserved communities across the country. We believe that little girls who dream become women with vision, and we equip girls with the skills necessary to take control of their futures by becoming girl bosses. Our founder, Dr. Angela D. Reddix, has seen this in her own life. From humble beginnings in Norfolk, Virginia, she took her dreams and turned them into ARDX, an award-winning healthcare management and IT consulting firm dedicated to improving the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. Envision Lead Grow and give girls all over the United States the skills and the support to turn their dreams into visions and those visions into viable business ventures.

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