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Pursuing my Master's Degree

I just checked my grades from last week's assignments. I got a B+ on the weekly assignment and an A on my reflection essays. Working on my 12-page paper that is due Sunday. Grad school is hard, but so rewarding! My instructor is giving me a lot of positive feedback. This made me smile tonight:

Overall Feedback This was perhaps the most thorough journal submission that I have had the pleasure to review. You were detailed and deliberate in each week's entry. It appears week 2 was the most impactful group of activities for you. In fact, you mentioned your appreciation for the video, “Boosting Emotional Intelligence.”

In the week 3 journal, you mentioning completing the personality test, demonstrating your active participation in your own learning.

Finally, in the week 7 journal you shared your personal experience as being a part of a company merger. -Well done.

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